Happy, happy weekend

My goodness, time flies.  It is more than a month since my last blog and I am so sorry about that really as there have been so so so many cheap thrills in that time which I now feel I will have missed recording, and one of my favourite things about writing it down is the chance to read back and appreciate all over again the cheap thrills we have and the joy and fullness it brings to life. I think my new plan will be that if don’t have enough time to do a whole blog I will steal an idea which I love on so many other blogs I enjoy reading and that is  “52 weeks of happy”. This is where each week you post a few pics from the week that have made you happy with a few words about them.  Should work and ensure nothing good is missed!

 Anyway, this weekend has been particularly happy and chock full of cheap thrills, so seems a good chance to capture them and catch up a bit with a good long post!  On Friday night there was a fab community event in the form of village gala disco…it was not attended by a huge number to be honest but there were enough people to create a good atmosphere and those who were there were up for a fun night. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.  We really enjoyed it and it made me very happy to be a member of this lovely community in Limekilns. (And it was a total bonus to have a cheeky win in the raffle and I am now the happy recipient of a voucher for a local beauty therapist and will enjoy getting a back massage sometime soon…bliss.)

 Saturday dawned with a bright blue sky day…perfect for Plum and mums day out with Grandma and Grandad Jones.  We had a leisurely start (mum and dad arriving nice and early to help sort Plum so we were still in our jamas when they arrived) and we had a lovely hour catching up on the week…Plum seems to have done so much this week, and all of it good and exciting (new words, new movements, good reports at appointments and generally being a good girl!), so it was nice to chat about that.  Our gorgeous girl goes from strength to strength and amazes with every day with her beauty, spirit and strength…we love you so much Plum Pie.  When B and I were talking about crafts, sewing and crochet this week he asked me what the best thing was I had ever made…the answer to that took no thought…Plum is by far and away the best thing I have ever made or will make. 


So on with our weekend of fun and out to Linlithgow for lunch at Taste…a lovely deli and definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area (but call and book as it gets really busy)  And then Grandad happily walked round the loch at the palace with Plum while me and mum had a zoom round some fabric shops and a razzle in the fantastic charity shops.  I got a lovely boden top for £2.99 which made me very happy and a lovely metre of navy and white spotty fabric which will be turned into a nice little a-line skirt very soon.


I am utterly loving expanding my sewing into new projects…the great british sewing bee has been a massive inspiration and I have picked up so many tips from this fabulous show.  I decided to try my hand at a blouse, following the pattern by Tilly who appeared on the early shows…I was so pleased with how it turned out (and even more pleased that I have learned from the mistakes I have made and can see ways I can improve techniques for upcoming projects)  I emailed pics of the blouse to Tilly (she asks to see all the different versions of her blouse pattern) and I was beyond excited yesterday afternoon to have an email back from her and she really liked my interpretation and asked if she could put my pics in her makers gallery…I was so chuffed that she thought it was up to scratch…there was a fair amount of squealing in delight and excitement to have heard from one of my sewing idols and receive a nod of approval from her!



Craftwise I am also still on a roll with the crochet at moment…completing an order for a lovely local lady last week.  My biggest blanket yet and I was really happy with the look and feel of it. 


I am now on with another order and had the treat of needing to go to my favourite local wool shop on Thursday to get a ball of yarn to complete this order.  As I had just been paid for the other blanket I also treated myself to a couple of “don’t need it right now but they are lovely so I would like them in my stash” balls. 


I love this shop (Tikasam, Burntisland)…Tracy who owns it is so friendly and helpful and really interested in what you are working on and sharing ideas and pieces made by others.  One of my favourite things in the shop is the community button box. I have blogged about buttons before, I love them, but this community box of buttony delights sums up everything I love and value in life in one tin…community, sharing, little bits of history, vintage beauty, thrift and style…next time I go I am going to take a handful of buttons to add to the tin and another time I am sure I will find the perfect button from there to add to a special piece of work. 


And I will be visiting again really soon as the next eek, squeal, jump up and down with excitement moment came yesterday when I realised that I was the winner of an amazing basket of goodies from Tikasam…Tracy was running a free prize draw and when you made a purchase your name went into the hat…so I duly added my name to the list on Thursday and then forgot all about it.  But I only bloomin won and I am so so excited! Will be popping along asap to collect my basket of creative delights! Yay!

 So there is so much good going on at the moment…it is lovely to feel light, free and happy…it is not always that way in our life to be honest so when it is good it feels really really good…and I am savouring the feeling and hoping that life may continue to burst with cheap thrills.  Back soon…I will try and not leave it so long next time. x


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