A few recent cheap thrills to get us started


2 packs of buttons from Tiger (£1 per pack)…so many ideas of what to do with them…or just lovely to look at and play with!




I love this tape from Tiger (£1 per roll)  I post off quite a lot of parcels through selling pages and I think its nice to add a bit of interest to a boring brown parcel!



I am a big fan of a black bic and this little ribbon wrapped stash made me very happy when B gave them to me!


OK…so strictly speaking Chanel No 5 is not cheap (£52 per bottle!) BUT….a tiny squirt lasts all day (and can still smell next day if wearing same top which I often am!) and I know this bottle will last at least a year…therefore I am claiming it as a cheap thrill as for 15p a day I can smell posh and feel lovely!!


A pot of narcissi for £1 in a charity shop bowl £1.99….makes me smile every time my eye rests on them!


Could not resist this red and white spotty bag…made of lovely thick cotton and a great size for throwing all plums stuff in for going out..£1.50 Primark!


Love a good cuppa and when I saw these posher than my usual brew tea bags reduced to 95p in asda I decided a treat was in order!


This may divide opinion but I love picalilli…and this huuuuuge jar was rolled back to 10p a jar! And in date until Nov 2014! Total bargain!


Zumba zumba zumba…energy boosting, endorphin releasing, can’t help but smile when doing it fun…the best £3.50 you can spend!


My first 9 patch square completed for my 9 patch square quilt…there will be more of this I am sure in posts to come!

So these are some of my recent cheap thrills…what are yours? xx







2 thoughts on “A few recent cheap thrills to get us started

  1. Nice little read this morning Katie thank you. Feeling rather frugal this week myself, have sold a car seat and have a stall booked at the jack and Jill market this Saturday, finally going to shift some of those unused and rather optimistically bought toys. Looking forward to your next installment

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